Find out why @SchooliP is the simplest and most effective way to manage teacher and staff appraisal in schools. #edtech #educhat #SLTchat

Find out why @SchooliP is the simplest and most effective way to manage teacher and staff appraisal in schools. #edtech #educhat #SLTchat

SchooliP | Appraisal Software for Schools - Derventio Education

SchooliP | Appraisal Software for Schools
  • School Development Planning

    SchooliP streamlines the process of school improvement planning:

    - Whole School Priorities (Strategic Targets)

    - Objectives (Whole School and Departmental)

    - Individual Activities/Tasks

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  • School Self-Evaluation

    Complete school self-evaluation with ease using pre-defined templates to support self-evaluation:

    - Ofsted Forms

    - Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI)

    - ASCL Forms devised by ASCL/Tony Thornley

    - Any bespoke template of your choice

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  • Monitoring and Observations

    SchooliP supports a wide range of monitoring activities including:

    - Lesson Observations

    - Video Lesson Observations

    - Learning Walks

    - Work Scrutiny

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  • Staff Appraisal

    SchooliP seamlessly aligns school priorities with staff appraisal objectives in a tiered approach:

    - Strategic objectives relating to the organisation priorities

    - Development plan objectives

    - Personal targets

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  • Professional Standards

    Form a holistic view of staff strengths and areas for development to identify their individual development needs. Staff performance can be assessed against professional standards:

    - Teachers’ Professional Standards

    - Professional Standards for Teaching Assistants

    - Headteachers' Professional Standards

    - ISBL Business Leader Standards

    - Any bespoke standards of your choice

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  • Professional Development

    Build a comprehensive record of an individual’s performance over time to identify their strengths and areas for improvement:

    - Comprehensive management of all training.

    - CPD is aligned to individual and school priorities.

    - Staff make requests based on their professional needs.

    - Impact of staff training is easily evaluated.

    - Whole school INSET needs effortlessly identified.

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  • Multi-Academy Trusts

    SchooliP is successfully implemented in 59 MATs where our MAT dashboard provides a clear strategic overview of individual academies:

    - Effectively disseminating MAT priorities.

    - Improving consistency and performance.

    - Assessing the impact of support and interventions.

    - Identifying talented MAT staff.

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Every school has the opportunity to be outstanding

SchooliP serves as a complete school improvement solution seamlessly linking school self-evaluation, planning, appraisals and professional development.

Our solution means that all members of staff are contributing to whole school improvement. Staff have a clear understanding of their roles, responsibilities, personal strengths and areas for improvement.

SchooliP empowers your school staff to clearly see how they are contributing to your school's improvement journey.

  • Track and evaluate all school improvement
  • Easily demonstrate all improvements
  • Integrate all improvement processes
  • Save valuable time, effort and money
  • Involve all staff
  • Develop, nurture and value your staff

Awarded Members

SchooliP enables all your school staff to clearly see how they are making a difference and supports your school to be outstanding.