Appraisal For All Staff

Find out how SchooliP can support staff appraisals for all staff - not just for teachers

Damien RobertsDamien Roberts
October 2021

Why should all staff within a school use the same process for appraisal?

In order to gain buy-in from all staff, all of your members of staff need to be offered the same opportunities. That includes the same opportunity to improve and develop themselves in a well-structured and supported manner. However, to achieve this, your chosen solution must be extremely flexible as teachers and support staff do not have the same appraisal structure.

Teachers have a defined set of objectives related to their role and support staff are no different. But these objectives would be very different for the teaching staff. Teachers are monitored in a uniform manner using lesson observations, learning walks, and book scrutiny. But, support staff may still be monitored but will use a completely different process. Teachers and support staff do not also share a common set of standards or competencies.

How does SchooliP support flexible appraisals for staff?

Here at SchooliP, we understand that whilst schools are very similar in many ways, they are each unique and have their own way of expressing themselves through their ethos and their processes. That's why we understand that "one size does not fit all". The same is true when it comes to staff appraisal and the processes for managing teachers or for support staff.

SchooliP supports a tailored set of objectives that may be set up for different types of staff - including support staff. You can also add your own monitoring forms to standardise the way that members of support staff are monitored or surveyed. 

There's also the ability to define your own set of standards or competencies, as well as using some of the pre-defined standards like Health and Safety standards or a code of conduct.

Whatever your need SchooliP has the in-built flexibility to support you and your staff.

How do I find out more?

To find out how SchooliP could support your appraisals for all staff either call +44 (0) 333 0433 450 or book a free demonstration now.

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