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Using SchooliP for School Centred Initial Teacher Training

As with most things in life, there’s more than one way to skin a cat, so to speak! The same goes for those who are interested in getting into teaching.

Damien Roberts  Damien Roberts
January 2022
As with most things in life, there’s more than one way to skin a cat, so to speak!  The same goes for those who are interested in getting into teaching. Depending on experience, an aspiring teacher can choose from undertaking an undergraduate teacher training degree, a postgraduate degree, a School Direct programme or a school-centred initial teacher training programme (SCITT).   SCITT programmes are a popular choice as they are school-led teacher training courses that lead to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). Most (but not all) SCITT programmes also award a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).

Each route requires the provider to be proficient in business management e.g. good governance, financial management, and sound administration, as well as manage and report on student progress.

A SCITT is no exception and many use the SchooliP platform to manage student progress.  SchooliP has been incredibly beneficial for pulling together and analysing data from a wide range of students based in a wide range of schools.  

‘The software is a great way to centralise the internal processes of any educational training. I love the personalisation the system offers so staff feel it is about them, not a generic process’. 

Max Robinson - Lead Tutor - The School Centred Initial Teacher Training Leeds

SchooliP gives total clarity to students, their school mentors and to the SCITT leadership team detailing progress in their qualifications.  

So how can progress be tracked on SchooliP? 

Here are some ways some SCITT schools use SchooliP:-

  • Evidence portfolio - upload of text, reflections, documents, URLs, images and videos
  • Setting Targets and Actions for Curriculum Areas e.g. 
    • Being a Professional
    • Subject Expertise
    • Classroom Leadership
    • Delivery of Teaching and Learning (Pedagogy)
    • Data and Progress
    • Assessment
  • Weekly Trainees Reflection forms
  • Student and Mentor rating/progressing of Curriculum Milestones e.g.
    • Complete safeguarding training. 
    • To maintain high standards of dress, attendance and punctuality. 
    • Appropriate policies are read, understood and complied with.
  • Student and Mentor rating e.g. 
    • Teacher Standards
    • Personal and Professional Conduct
    • Big Questions
  • Support Action Plan
  • CPD Activities & Course recording and requests
  • Involving others as Collaborators e.g.
    • ITT coordinator
    • Professional Tutor
    • Host Headteacher
    • Host Teacher
  • Observation and Monitoring e.g.
    • Standard Observation Form 
    • Moderation Visit Forms
    • Phonics Observation Form
    • Big Question Assessment and Feedback Form
  • Mentor/Collaborator interim and end reviews
User Rights in SchooliP dictate viewing, reporting and analysing capability.  Students can clearly see how they are personally progressing in all of the areas above for example.  School mentors can clearly see how their students are performing and can report and analyse data.  SCITT leaders can clearly see how all of the SCITT students from across all schools are performing and can report and analyse data down to a granular level running across cohorts and trainee stages.

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