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Partnership - BravoLesson and Derventio Education

Derventio Education Partnership: Successful Schools

The partnership, which was seeded at BETT 2017, has brought about a collaboration into the international market between Derventio Education and the Swedish company, Successful Schools. Both companies share a passion for improving education by working closely with schools, exploring their needs and creating bespoke software to find a solution, which in turn is helping schools to improve.

Mats Rosenkvist, who is passionate about school improvement, founded the learning platform company INFOMENTOR SWEDEN in 1999. He has since been working within school development and IT solutions for education, in both Sweden and internationally. He is a co-founder of INFOMENTOR with customers in six European countries.

Successful Schools offer the new brand and product BRAVOLesson. It has been developed with Derventio Education and has evolved, using the SchooliP software as a base. Mats’ passion for education and his expertise means that both SchooliP and BRAVOLesson now have the functionality for video lesson observations’.


BRAVOLesson, which is now being used extensively within Sweden with schools and municipals is a collaborative teaching and learning tool. It supports schools to improve teaching together through: lesson observations, peer observations, classroom walk-throughs, instructional coaching, self-reflection and the sharing of best practice.

While at the same time using statistics’, which allow for further growth and development, comparing year-on-year data. BRAVOLesson has built upon the SchooliP solution that is used in hundreds of different schools in different countries and is specifically designed for collaborative learning to improve teaching techniques and a better awareness in the classroom through the process of lesson observations.

It supports the process of lesson observations and the developing of professionalism, together. Everything is in one place for reflection, dialogue and collaborative learning. The dialogue and feedback that is gleaned through using video technology allows for collaborative teacher development, with a view to improving academic outcomes for pupils. It is based around a video technology system, which enables teachers to record, edit, and comment on teaching and learning at different stages of the lesson.

The process focuses on why a particular example of teaching might be engaging pupils in a particular way and how that is fostering their learning. Highlighting for teachers, how the use of video observations can be used to identify and comment on moments in a lesson that exemplify an aspect of teaching, which is deemed critical to learning; and further encouraging discussion of these moments, between teachers in a school or in different schools.

Derventio Education and SchooliP

Derventio Education, home of SchooliP, is proud of its growing international collaboration; it underlines the company’s determination to create effective international relationships, whilst continuing to grow and offer support and knowledge to its schools and colleges within the UK, through the addition of software products, which is helping to grow its portfolio.

The Derventio Education and BRAVOLesson partnership further continues to build bridges between the UK and abroad. Derventio Education have been providing CPD software for over 5 years; therefore, we have extensive experience and knowledge of working with education providers and know what works. We work with education providers to help modernise your professional development programme and help engage your employees in the maintenance and recording of CPD and school improvement.

At SchooliP we are experts in helping and supporting schools to help make their software decisions stick, we provide an integrated suite of tools to support professional development, school improvement and self evaluation. If you would like a demonstration of the system or to discuss adding video lesson observation capabilities to your existing SchooliP account, then please contact the office on: 0333 0433 450 or directly through your Regional Account Manager.

If you would like to find out more, please call +44 (0) 333 0433 450 or email: info@derventioeducation.com.

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