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Duncan Hewson

School Improvement Champion

Having worked in leadership teams across both the independent and state sectors, operated in selective and non-selective schools as well as single sex and co-educational establishments I have experienced numerous approaches to Development Plans, Performance Management and Inspections.

Having also worked as an Independent Schools Inspector and been part of the Future Leaders program I have also had the opportunity of learning from an even wider network of schools than my own career experience.

All of this experience combined with my training and work with corporates as an ILM Level 7 Executive coach and Leadership mentor has cemented my view that many educational institutions have evolved, often unwittingly, to perpetuate the very problems they seek to solve rather than truly allowing all within them to flourish: Staff, students and parents alike.

SchooliP has the flexibility to remove the constraints of impersonal, bureaucratic and detached systems and in its place coordinate a highly effective and on-going appraisal, development and growth model that fully integrates all staff into the shared purpose of the school.

As Principal of a new and growing secondary school within a larger MAT in Tower Hamlets, London, the potential of SchooliP is genuinely exciting.

If you would like to join team, please call +44 (0) 333 0433 450 or email: info@derventioeducation.com.

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