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Abby Deeks is Vice Principal of West Lakes Academy and she is responsible for the SchooliP system. West Lakes is a secondary school with a sixth form based in Cumbria and has just under 1,200 pupils on roll. SchooliP was introduced to enhance staff development and make tracking progress easier. We asked Abby what impact SchooliP has had on her colleagues.

All staff have easy access to their professional development records. This helps them to maintain a focus on their professional development and to track the progress they are making. It also helps them to see in concrete terms how their contribution makes an impact on our academy wide targets. Senior leaders are able to access appraisal records for their teams. This makes line management more effective meaning end of year reviews are transparent and fair.

Abby Deeks

Vice Principal - West Lakes Academy

We are aware that our software represents a new undertaking and we are committed to effectively managing this transition and providing significant support. This enables SchooliP to be fully utilised and we are delighted that staff at West Lakes Academy are fully onboard. 

At first, staff found SchooliP tricky to use. A key step in overcoming this barrier was to ensure they had regular practice accessing the areas that we use most. Staff are now far more confident in accessing their own professional development records and uploading documents/blog posts to help illustrate their professional progression. New features such as the question level analysis have helped Assistant Leaders and Heads of Department to use the cumulative results of quality assurance measures much more effectively.

A key selling point of SchooliP is that it has a proven track record of driving school improvement. This has been endorsed by Abby.

We have seen staff take more ownership of recording and reflecting on their own personal development. We have also seen senior leaders make better use of quality assurance information to help raise standards across the academy.

In order to gauge this success, we asked Abby why performance management has been a success at the academy.

SchooliP has enabled transparency and honesty in our performance management. This is aligned with a real sense of staff 'owning' their own progress. Performance management has becoming part of an ongoing year-long cycle rather than a stand-alone meeting making it a more useful developmental tool and providing opportunities to celebrate exceptional practice throughout the academic year.

Abby was also very complimentary of the features of SchooliP.

It has given us the facility to create our own bespoke monitoring forms and then use these to generate academy-wide reports. The blog feature is also one we use heavily as part of our CPD model.

To conclude, we asked Abby to describe SchooliP in a single sentence.

It is a one stop performance management shop!

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