5 ingredients to a successful culture

5 key ingredients to a successful school culture

Andy Goodeve  Andy Goodeve
03 March 2023

Does your school make staff feel happy and provide you with the motivation and desire to try hard? This can be attributed to the school culture.

A successful culture is based on the creation of strong beliefs and values that are adhered to by all staff. A positive school culture is the key to developing a school environment which is conducive to effective teaching and learning.

What are the key ingredients to creating a great culture?

1. Positive relationships

Successful leaders understand their staff and know that the secret to success is to build a strong team of people who are committed to the school's values and direction. To achieve this they are aware that everyone has a desire to feel empowered and have a sense of belonging. Staff who are positive and motivated are more likely to have the confidence to achieve and succeed. Staff improvement and development is a priority creating a climate that retains staff.

2. Celebrate your uniqueness

Every staff member should feel that their uniqueness is a quality and a reason to celebrate. Everyone is treated as an individual with individual needs. Successful teaching embraces creativity and uniqueness and avoids a prescriptive conformity approach.

3. Impressions count

Take the time to consider the first impression that visitors experience. Make sure your school radiates positive relationships, conversations about the working environment shout values, innovation and progress.

4. A strong community

Culture radiates beyond the school gates and has strong ties with the community outside of the school. The local community and businesses should want to share in the success of the school and be willing to invest. Be prepared to listen to opportunities from local organisations and never be afraid to ask for help.

5. Positive messages

Encourage all parties, including the local press, to share positive and public praise about the incredible things happening in the school. Create a brand image, sharing success on all channels of social media. Use effective communication to keep the community, including parents, in the loop with up-to-date information about the regularly-occurring wonderful activities. Achievements help to inspire confidence and aspiration.


A strong school culture requires a commitment and desire from all members of the team; it cannot be created, changed or maintained by one person in isolation. If positive relationships are created with pupils, staff and community members all sharing a common vision of excellence in your school, a positive culture will evolve that will benefit all those involved.

SchooliP and a successful school culture

Effective communication is at the heart of a successful school culture. It is imperative that all staff are informed of important developments. Our performance management software, SchooliP is a school improvement tool. It comprehensively manages the appraisal process and promotes professional dialogue. SchooliP integrates school development planning, self-evaluation, observations and CPD. Attention to detail is imperative and we are proud to support schools in developing a successful culture.

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