Policy Management in SchooliP

Quickly and easily manage statutory policies within SchooliP, ensuring review and approval by appropriate staff.

Damien Roberts  Damien Roberts
02 January 2023

Managing Policies in school is typically a chore, to say the least! 

Here are statutory policies for schools and academy trusts in the UK.

The typical scenario is that there are over 100 Policies in schools and each must be read and updated on a regular basis and the revised version must go through some sort of approval process before staff have sight of them. 

The task of managing Policies often falls to busy Admin staff and it is not uncommon for them to use a spreadsheet full of names and dates to manage the process.

  • Policies within SchooliP remove the need for a manual process, the system manages the process for you:
  • You can bulk upload or copy and paste your existing policies in SchooliP
  • This will get your new electronic Policy process underway quickly and easily
  • You can set a renewal date for your policies and email reminders are sent to owners
  • No need to create a process to remember renewal dates and manually send emails to owners
  • After the policies are updated, reviewers are notified and can signal their approval
  • Reviewers are automatically given the task of reviewing and submitting their approval
  • When approved, the policy is published to staff
  • Staff are automatically notified that there is an updated policy and can easily see which new policies they need to read

Prices range from £200 to £999 for a one-year subscription. Pro-rata subscriptions are available to bring in line with your current SchooliP subscriptions. If you are an existing school then the policy module has been enabled for a free 90 trial.

If you’re interested to find out more about the management of Policies in SchooliP please click here to book a brief online demonstration.

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