A bespoke consultancy service to aid with your school improvement.

SchooliP is a system that seamlessly links the aspects of staff development and school improvement. Whether it is appraisal, lesson monitoring, managing professional development or self reflection, coaching, probation and reflection the functionality gives you the freedom to attach your vision and processes.

SchooliP provides the scaffold to which you attach your systems and processes, but there are occasions when organisations feel that when they subscribe to SchooliP it provides an opportunity to reflect on their present systems and create new ways of working.

As CPD and Teaching and Learning lead, new to SchooliP, it was invaluable to have Andy come in and work with us for the day. Having already had a demonstration of what SchooliP was capable of and how it was being utilised in other schools within the MAT, I had a vision of how we wanted to make the system bespoke for us and Andy supported me through the process, making suggestions as we went. The majority of time on the day was spent looking at how we could make the vision work and Andy’s suggestions were integral to our final implementation and launch of the system and have helped to ensure that staff can see the value. Andy made the most of the time he was in by completing all of the strategic design with me but the actual production of resources and setup was completed by the team after the visit. I would highly recommend having Andy or another member of the team in to work with the senior team early in the process and feel that they delivered on both quality and value for money.


Chase Terrace Academy

To bring about change requires careful thought and planning. We are able to provide a consultation service, led by experienced staff with education leadership experience, to evaluate your current systems and help plan moving forward.

Leading up to visit, Andy worked with us to understand the individual requirements we needed for our school. The personalised training session has allowed us to create a structured and coherent system to ensure our school development plan is referred to regularly and routinely. Each staff member and subject hold their own portfolio providing us with a 'living document' to valid this and informs our Professional Learning programme. Thank you to the whole SchooliP Team.


John Taylor Free School
Andy's expertise on helping our school utilise the full capability of SchooliP has been invaluable. Thanks to Andy's bespoke training and guidance, staff have been able to track their own professional development journeys as well as reflecting on their own practice that informs our whole-school training priorities moving forward. This has been a real game-changer for both teachers and school leaders.

T Bithell

John Taylor Free School

Make contact to find how we can assist you not only assist in effectively and efficiently using SchooliP, but also in developing the way in which you want to develop staff, through using CPD, appraisals, monitoring, coaching, career milestones or subject leadership, school evaluation and improvement planning.

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