"SchooliP has great customer service and the system itself is very user friendly!"

Ormskirk School

Ormskirk School is located in Lancashire and is home to around 1400 pupils and 200 staff. As a large secondary comprehensive, a significant amount of appraisals are undertaken each year. Here we discover how the introduction of SchooliP has assisted Ormskirk in streamlining their performance management procedures and raised the profile of school improvement.

Chris Stewart is responsible for SchooliP at the school. As an Assistant Headteacher and Director of Key Stage 4 learning, he informed us that the software has completely changed their approach to appraisals.

Previously we used a paper based system which meant a lot of work for me personally. I was responsible for physically collecting and collating the paperwork which was incredibly time consuming. SchooliP has allowed all of our appraisal documents to be centralised. This has led to complete ease of access for all of our stakeholders. The dynamic nature of the system means that every member of staff is using SchooliP.

Chris Stewart - Assistant Headteacher and Director of Key Stage 4 Learning - Ormskirk School

SchooliP enables School Development Plans, Self Evaluations Forms, Teaching Standards and Observations forms to be integrated into the system. This centralised approach enables performance management to be more focused and greater status is afforded to school improvement. The software is not just limited to teachers and school leaders. Administrative staff, teaching assistants and any other auxiliary staff can be appraised using SchooliP against standards of your choosing.

Teachers' Standards - SchooliP

We asked Chris what he would say to any schools that are considering using SchooliP.

I can say that SchooliP has great customer service and the system is very user friendly. In fact, it is often updated based on suggestions that users have made. As a school, we know that we still have work to do on performance management; however, that is in no way related to the proficiency of SchooliP.

We are delighted to receive such a positive endorsement from Chris. Our customer care team are committed to listening to the demands of our customers. We appreciate that every educational establishment is unique and we develop bespoke elements where possible to enhance customer experience. SchooliP is a comprehensive appraisal tool that drives a centralised approach to performance management. It is gives the whole process of performance management gravatas and it is pleasing to see the system being so well utilised at Ormskirk School.

SchooliP is used in a variety of school environments and our pricing structure is dependent on the number of pupils on roll. If you would like to find out more about our school improvement software, please contact our sales team on 0333 0433 450 or email: info@derventioeducation.com. Alternatively, click here to arrange on onsite or online demonstration of SchooliP.

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