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We are a team of specialists in software development for education, delivering products that make a real difference, positively impact teaching and learning and empower staff. Our in-house development team work with teachers, lecturers and educationalists to develop software solutions and services that pro-actively support improvement within education and ultimately better outcomes for students.

We rigorously plan, design and test all of our solutions to ensure they are both intuitive and effective, benefiting all educational stakeholders. We pride ourselves on creating ‘future-proof’ products, utilising cutting-edge technology that works for educational establishments both now and in the future.

  • Flexible subscription options
  • Simple, easy to understand and navigate
  • In-house Development, Support, Training and Quality Assurance teams
  • Continuously updated in line with the latest educational legislation and customer request
  • Dedicated state-of-the-art servers based within the UK, SSL certification and the very highest levels of security and protection
  • All support and online training is completely free for the life of your subscription


Improvement relies on self-evaluation and reflection, which feeds into development planning. The plans are delivered most effectively by professionally developed and nurtured staff.

SchooliP is a single platform that not only caters for all your School Improvement needs but ensures that the component parts work together in harmony.

Staff are supported with their development, managers can easily keep on top of their responsibilities and leaders can always check up on progress.

SchooliP is built by a team that has been creating software for education for many years and it is also supported by a hugely experienced team of educationalists that can provide you with advice and guidance from the hundreds of School Improvement processes they have implemented with SchooliP.

  • Celebrate good practice
  • A robust framework for improvement
  • Empower staff with their own development
  • Simple, safe and accessible

"SchooliP has been branded for different markets including FE colleges, training providers (CollegeiP), higher education (UniversityiP) and the private sector (ALTO Performance)."  |

Don't just take our word for it though. Read through our case studies to find out how SchooliP has impacted on our customers' schools.

We integrate with all the major school management information systems.

We work with all of the major integration partners.

Integrated suite of tools to support professional development, school improvement and self evaluation.

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A centralised system facilitating improvement planning, quality assurance and staff development reviews.

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Securing teaching excellence with software to integrate staff development and improvement processes.

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Appraisal led software to effectively assess your employees and manage their development.

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