College improvement, One Platform, One Direction

Better personal outcomes for pupils and staff through joined-up college improvement, staff professional development, self-evaluation, policy management and college-wide audits

All the tools you need for whole college improvement in one cloud-based and mobile solution


  • Frameworks of Effectiveness
  • Self-Evaluation Forms
  • Audits
  • Policies
  • Staff profesional standards
  • Staff monitoring, observations, work scrutiny, benchmarking


  • Strategic Priorities
  • Development Plans with objectives & SMART actions
  • Staff objectives/goals
  • Staff collaboration, sharing, coaching, reflections/observations and appraisals
  • CPD Management


  • Better outcomes for pupils & staff
  • Transparent evaluation of provision at all levels
  • Coordinated & linked action plans
  • Collaborative coaching, reflections, observations & appraisals
  • Efficient CPD process
  • Ongoing visibility of progress

About the CollegeiP Solution

College improvement relies on self-evaluation and reflection, which feeds into development planning. The plans are delivered most effectively by professionally developed and nurtured staff.

CollegeiP is a single platform that not only caters for all your College Improvement needs, but ensures that the component parts work together in harmony.

Staff are supported with their development, managers can easily keep on top of their responsibilities and leaders can always check up on progress.

CollegeiP is built by a team that have been creating software for education for many years and it is also supported by a hugely experienced team of educationalists that can provide you with advice and guidance from the hundreds of College Improvement processes they have implemented with CollegeiP.

  • Celebrate good practice
  • Robust framework for improvement
  • Empower staff with their own development
  • Simple, safe and accessible

"CollegeiP provides better personal outcomes for pupils and staff through joined-up college improvement, staff professional development and self-evaluation"  |

Don't just take our word for it though. Read through our case studies to find out how CollegeiP has impacted on our customers' colleges.

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College Improvement, One Platform, One Direction

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