Crossgates Primary School

Jane Norton is the Headteacher of Crossgates Primary School based in Rochdale, Lancashire. Jane discusses the impact that SchooliP has had on performance management at her school, which is home to just over 300 students.

SchooliP replaced a paper system that Jane had developed herself. Jane first encountered our bespoke solution at an Innovate My School regional event.

“I wanted to save time and paper, and I wanted a system where everything is done together. So having performance management, the school development plan and our self-evaluation form all automatically feeding information into each other was the major selling point. Also, I wanted a system where I could show instant reports to our Board of Governors.”

SchooliP is a cohesive workload saver and we are pleased that staff are enjoying using our centralised cloud-based solution.

"It really does save time and I have already saved three weeks of my life as a busy Headteacher! It is far more efficient than my old system. Staff are now more responsible for their performance management. All our processes are very manageable and teachers like using SchooliP.

Everything is monitored and valued. We stick to time frames and have everything planned in advance."

Crossgates Primary School is enjoying closer monitoring of strategic and individual targets. Feedback for performance management and lesson observations is instantaneous. SchooliP gives users the flexibility to customise forms. This enables school-specific languages and proformas to be used.

“The after-sales support is great. If there are any issues, the customer care team sort them out instantly. For example, I wanted to change my observation forms and they were done by the next day. It is school specific, so you do not lose anything that already works well.”

Lastly, we asked Jane what advice she would have for another school that is considering introducing SchooliP.

“Buy it! It saves definitely saves you time and it is worth every penny. SchooliP makes staff more responsible for their performance management. They receive instant feedback from observations and there is no paper involved. SchooliP saves time and is a brilliant tool!”

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